School Infrastructure

Class Rooms

Have good ventilation, with adequate seating arrangement. Blackboard and a smart class facility for advanced teaching. The school provides computer aided learning for all students.


The school has well equipped library with a large range of books, including Encyclopedias, fiction and reference books. The school subscribes to number of dailies, magazines and journals. The students have a compulsory library period. Library books have a code and are lent to the students.


The school has well equipped lab for Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science. Mathematics and Biology. These laboratories give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theory lessons learnt in the class room.

Art Room

The Art room is tastefully decorated by drawings and artifacts by the students. They are the hub for the students to express and hone their artistic abilities.

Music & Dance Room

The school has provision for well equipped vocal music, instrumental music and dance where the students are trained in various forms of performing arts.

The school turns out complete and balanced individuals, ready to take on the world and face the challenges of society.

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